7 signs you may have a highly intelligent baby on your hands
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7 signs you may have a highly intelligent baby on your hands

by doobidoo2022 Admin on Oct 19, 2022

Every baby is special and one of its kind, but some babies are naturally gifted. If that’s the case, your baby will show signs. The trick is simple, read to learn more about intelligent babies.

  • When compared to other babies his age, he achieves milestones earlier-A baby’s developmental milestones are very important as they are an indicator of whether your child's physical, cognitive, and emotional development is on track or not.
  • The baby’s focus level is very high-Baby’s when small, are known to have a very short attention span and for getting bored of activities quite quickly. But a highly intelligent baby, will have a very good attention span. They stay put and focused doing some tasks for hours.
  • Your baby is extremely curious-yes, children in general are inquisitive about everything and anything. Their queries could be so complicated that they stump you, sending you to the library or Google in search of an answer.
  • Baby’s birth weight was high. Studies have proven that there is a correlation between a baby’s weight and intelligence. Higher birth weights were linked to a slightly higher IQ later in life, according to researchers. Meanwhile, breastfeed your baby until he or she is six months old, and then feed them brain foods like avocado and salmon once they start solids.
  • The baby is very alert. A high degree of awareness is one of the earliest markers of an intellectual new-born. These babies are also acutely aware of their surroundings and loved ones, instantly recognising and bonding with relatives. They'll make direct eye contact with you and reward you with a smile, cooing or waving their fists.
  • Has a problem-solving nature. While all children demonstrate problem-solving abilities in accordance with developmental milestones, a youngster who is extraordinarily advanced will demonstrate these abilities far earlier than their peers.
  • Baby chooses remoteness – Though some babies are highly sociable with their surroundings and enjoys mingling with humans some babies prefer to stay in isolation. Many times, they prefer to play around with little older siblings/kids, this helps them in emotional & intellectual stimulation. This is one of the signs that the baby is intelligent

It is a life-long mission for parents of brilliant children to constantly expand their children's minds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rather than watching your child remember novels or recollect all the data from a dwarf planets movie, locate a location for this astute small person to challenge smart minds.