About Doobidoo!

Diapers are something that stays in touch with the baby’s skin for a longer period of time. Doobidoo diapers are gentle and soft on the baby’s skin and make sure that the baby stays away from wetness. Super absorbent channels ensuring ultimate liquid absorption with anti-leak side cuffs help to prevent side leakages so that your baby can stay active and comfortable while the mother stays tension free. It becomes challenging for the new mothers to manage every little thing about the baby and their routine. All the mothers are looking for the best diaper solutions to keep the baby asleep the whole night and for that Doobidoo brings Diapers giving up to 12 hours of protection and worry-free sleep for both the baby and mother.



Doobidoo aims to create a special bond with the mothers by helping them to make good decisions in choosing something better for their baby. We will always focus on maintaining our quality by running multiple quality tests, selecting raw materials, and choosing the best premium quality materials that suit the baby’s delicate skin. We want to keep nurturing the babies & create a special bond with them by connecting to the mothers and gaining their trust & confidence which will motivate us to improve our product in the best way possible according to their needs.
We have a fully automatic plant in sanand, Ahmedabad Gujarat spread over 1 lac sq m, and well-equipped fully automated serve machinery with world-class technologies to manufacture the best quality baby diapers. Before coming out in the market we have been through the different processes of conducting research with the experts, collaborating with the skin professional’s team and pediatricians. This product is designed by the Indian team and in India itself keeping in mind India’s customer needs. Before sending the product to market, a process takes place by our team which includes quality checking in our research and development lab, trials are taken of product and tested to make sure we deliver the premium and soft quality product in the market to the babies.