10 things about-to-be-mommies wishes to read
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10 things about-to-be-mommies wishes to read

by Namrata Sekhani on Jul 03, 2023

About-to-be-mommies engage in a variety of online activities to seek information, quench their knowledge thirst, connect with others, and prepare for their pregnancy and parenthood.

The most common and top-of-the-list 10 things that about-to-be-mommies read online during their pregnancy period are listed here:

  1. What is fetal development today / or so far. Is the baby okay inside her womb.

About-to-be-mommies are always concerned about how far the fetus has grown literally on a day-to-day basis. Most of the time is generally invested in this topic online. Mothers also eagerly wait for their next gynaecologist visit; it is observed that they’re generally on top of their schedule.


  1. Nutrients, vitamins, balanced diet, what to eat, what not to eat during pregnancy.

About-to-be-mommies are always worried about their diet, the quantity and the quality of food they intake, on a daily basis.


  1. Complications about pregnancy.

This is one of the most searched topics online – different types of complications about-to-be-mommies face during the pregnancy period and during the day of the delivery. About-to-be-mommies generally wish to stay mentally prepared for all types of known medical & biological complications that can arise.


  1. How different is the labour for a normal delivery vs. a C-section.

With the increase in C-section deliveries, modern about-to-be-mommies want to know the exact difference between the two, and how will it impact themselves and their babies.


  1. How to handle a baby with your own hands.

Handling a newborn baby can be a wonderful experience, provided you know it right. Right from how to support a baby’s head and neck, always washing hands, being gentle with them, and bonding through skin-to-skin-touch experience.


  1. How milk comes out of nipples, and will it be sufficient for the new born.

About-to-be-mommies, especially in the early trimester are confused about this topic, and they spend a pretty good amount of time understanding the biology behind it. This process, in a way, is very natural and takes its own course as the time to delivery progresses.


  1. What all new types of equipment / toys / cloths / tools / apparatus / electronics will they have to buy.

Although this is very common knowledge (unlike biology of the body), and is primarily based on observation of others, about-to-be-mommies still goes around searching for new shopping list very often.


  1. After the delivery, how long will it take me to resume sex.

This is a new age question that every about-to-be-mommies ask themselves, their peers and others, and often search at length on the internet. About-to-be-mommies read a ton of material in and around types yoga, exercises, and others.


  1. Birth stories of their peer.

About-to-be-mommies are very much interested in reading about other delivery stories. It helps them gain insights & confidence and helps prepare themselves mentally.


  1. Baby name (books and websites)

About-to-be-mommies often explore baby name options by browsing books or use online resources to find names with meanings that resonate with them.


One more for today’s uber-cool-smart about-to-be-mommies:


  1. Maternity fashion and styling

About-to-be-mommies often seek inspiration and tips for dressing comfortably and stylishly during pregnancy. Fashion blogs and magazines dedicated to maternity wear are popular choices.