What is the true meaning of 'being a feminist’ - a blog for all married men

What is the true meaning of 'being a feminist’ - a blog for all married men

by Namrata Sekhani on Nov 08, 2023

How will you react/behave if your wife earns more than you ?

- I’m okay with it

- I feel proud of it

- I don’t care

- Hamare family me ladkiya kaam nahi karti

- Meri wife ko kaam karne ki zaroorat nahi hai

Being a ‘Feminist’ is telling what is the meaning of it and still people assuming something else. This blog intends to reach all married men.

We will start from the bottom, what is the meaning of it?

Feminism is the term for giving equal rights and opportunities to all genders. Having absolutely no biases for the person standing in front of you is a male or a female. It’s that simple.

So husbands, what it means to be a true feminist ? 10 pointers

1. Your wife should be busy – professionally – 9 to 12 hrs a day, just like yourself. Making money for your household is not just your job, it’s her job too.

2. Household chores – You should contribute equally to them. Managing the house is not her job only, it is yours too.

3. There is absolutely nothing that a female cannot do and men can do. Break the stereotype, come out of the mould. It is your job to make sure that your wife is allfront-equal the same as yourself.

4. You should consider yourself the proudest husband if your wife makes more money than you.

5. Your behaviour, thinking pattern, do’s & don’ts – should not get altered upon a girlchild-birth.

6. Your enthusiasm to rear a girl child or a boy child should be the same.

7. Make sure that your girl child (if you have one) learns all the tricks of the trade that you otherwise would have taught had you had a boy child - so that she becomes a street-smart-self-learner. Like, how to fly a kite, how to ride a vehicle, how to puncture a vehicle, how to use a jack, how to use a compass, understanding of banking system, and giving her space so that she eventually studies science.

8. Give them (mother, wife, daughter) an equal opportunity to provide their POV always, even for those fields they’re not accustomed to, like banking, personal finance, expenditure, geography, technology, and others. Help them learn those subjects now. It is your job now to make them learn everything that they could not learn earlier for whatsoever reasons.

9. Read books on different topics related to girl-child birth, the Indian patriarchal system, how to increase our consciousness, and women who have made it big despite the obstacles.

10. Btw, there is absolutely nothing that women cannot do that men can do. In fact, women can do one thing that men cannot do. Women can pro-create, men cannot. Women’s biology is far more complex & beautiful. That makes the game 1-love in favour of women. Cheers.

A few pointers:

- Deep-rooted patriarchal society

- Men are from Mars, women are from Venus

- Men go out hunting, and women take care of the cave.

- Blue is for boys, and pink is for females.

- And many more..

All the above sentences don’t make any sense at all in today’s 21st century. The Metropolis of today doesn’t function on these parameters. Redefinition of society is required.

Also, curse your patriarchal parents that they did not expose you to these simplest of tasks. That, they did not make you aware that it was and is your responsibility also to manage household chores literally on a daily basis. And now you being a father, your modus operandi towards the upbringing of your kids should be different, so that your boy becomes a feminist and your girl is a well-rounded self-initiative well-learned street-smart person