Common causes of stomach pain in babies
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Common causes of stomach pain in babies

by doobidoo2022 Admin on Oct 19, 2022

When it comes to baby’s health, parents become extra cautious, the common problem faced in babies is stomach ache. There are several reasons behind it as infants needs extra care and attentive handling. Babies usually start building their immunity in the beginning very slowly and are prone to fall ill.


There can be various reasons behind stomach aches few of them can be:

  1. Digestive system becomes incapable to digest the food sometimes due to intake of unsafe food or intake of more than needed amount, causing constipation and allergy.
  2. Babies do not have potential to tolerate hunger and also on other side they don’t have ability to sense that their tummy is full, this happens to bottle feeding babies. Overfeeding leads to this situation.
  3. Due to allergy the muscles beneath stomach are enlarged and cause stomach pain and blockage in intestine causing vomit. This is called pyloric stenosis.
  4. Any cranky behavior and uneasiness in children are also caused due to gas which is the most contributor in stomach aches.


 Some home remedies that you can try out before consulting your child specialist.

  1. Gently move your fingers across your baby’s belly in clockwise motion. This will relieve them from gas pain.
  2. Using moderate hot water bottle over the tummy is helpful to make them feel relaxed.
  3. Feeding yogurt can be useful as it takes part to kill the bacteria in stomach and makes it easy to digest food.


Consult your pediatrician immediately  before going ahead with any remedies .