How to tackle skin care problems like rashes for your baby
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How to tackle skin care problems like rashes for your baby

by doobidoo2022 Admin on Oct 19, 2022

We all know that babies have sensitive, gentle and delicate skin. It is this type of skin that gets caught in skin issues like rashes, redness, itchiness, irritation and inflammation. One of the major reasons could be the diaper that your baby is wearing daily. If you use cloth nappies as a diaper, then rashes are even more common. Diaper rash is a moderate issue which can be resolved by proper hygiene of your little bud.


If it is your first time being a parent, then you need to understand how a rash looks. It appears as red patches and a bit rougher than normal skin around the buttocks and genitals of the child. It is best to take care of rashes in the initial stages so that it does not erupt into small bumps.


There are many causes of diaper rashes. It can be due to the bacteria and moisture that is between the diaper and the skin. Excessive wearing of a wet and stained diaper is the most common reason for diaper rashes. Wearing tight or smaller than the required size diapers is another reason for rashes, as the elastic bites the sensitive skin of the baby. Try ensuring that your little one's diaper is as dry as possible. Factors like baby cream, oil, towels and baby pants brands make a huge difference in the prevention of rashes.


You don't have to race to the hospital if your baby has a mild rash. Here are the necessary steps you can take to tackle your baby's discomfort:


(1) Wash your baby's clothes separately and solely with your hands and not in a washing machine. Chemicals and detergents may cause infection or irritation to your baby's skin.

(2) A wet diaper pant will mostly cause rashes to your baby's skin. Promptly change the baby pants whenever wet.

(3) Properly wash and sanitise your hands to avoid bacteria getting attached to your baby's skin. Keep your little one's skin free from all sorts of germs, bacteria and viruses.

(4) Clean the bottom area of your child after every diaper change. Clean it with cotton, wool or warm water softly. If using wet wipes, do make sure that they are the right ones. They must not have any alcohol as a drying agent as it will harm your baby's skin. Your baby's skin is sensitive and might get irritated if you overdo the cleaning procedure.

(5) Notice carefully the fitting of the baby pant for your little angel. It should not be so tight that there are cuts but also not so loose that it might cause leakage. The diaper should be comfortable and easy-fit.

(6) In case your child has a rash and is in discomfort, then apply balm or petroleum jelly, which will soothe the burning sensation and heal rashes rapidly. These should be available at your nearest pharmacy and medical stores.

(7) Do not keep your baby's bottom covered, 24/7. Keep it open for 15-20 minutes so that your baby's skin is completely dry.

(8) Avoid rubbing the cloth on your baby's skin as it can cause chafing of the skin. Instead, try patting gently on your baby's buttocks to avoid rashes. Before placing a fresh diaper on your toddler, ensure that you wipe and dry your baby's rear thoroughly.


Generally, you are not required to visit the doctor in case your baby contracts diaper rash. But in the situation where the swellings become yellowish due to the presence of pus, or your baby gets a fever, you will need to consult the doctor. But it is necessary not to let the situation reach that position as diaper rashes, undoubtedly, can be counteracted at home.