Parenting tips for 21st century mothers
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Parenting tips for 21st century mothers

by Namrata Sekhani on Jan 10, 2024

1. Mother’s milk is nectar

Mother's milk is often referred to as nature's perfect food for babies. It provides essential nutrients, antibodies, and creates a unique bonding experience. It's tailored to the baby's changing needs and promotes optimal growth and development. Mother should not avoid feed their babies even if they are working women.

2. No travelling for 3 years after newborn

Upto minimum of 3 years, newborns are vulnerable to outside climate. This means, parents should avoid travelling entirely for first three years of a newborn.

3. Mom-cooked food only

Post breast feeding, parents should resort to self-home-cooked food for their babies. Not packaged food, not cooking by the maid, or anything else. Prioritizing mom-cooked meals ensures that the baby receives nutritious and homemade food. It also connects the baby to the flavours of home, creating a sense of comfort and familiarity.

4. Taking care of baby is a work of both parents – Mom & Dad equally

Acknowledging that parenting is a shared responsibility emphasizes equality in caregiving. Both parents contribute to the well-being of the child, creating a supportive and collaborative environment. If a mother can take a sabbatical to raise a child, so does a father. If a mother can take her infant to her office, so can father. If a mother can take her kid to a meeting, so can a father. Just like manning the house is a shared responsibility, managing finances is a shared responsibility, likewise, raising a kid is also a shared responsibility.

5. Both sets of grandparents are the best bet for working couples Involving both sets of grandparents provides additional support for working couples.

It fosters a sense of family and community, with multiple generations contributing to the upbringing of the child. Grandparents are the most self-less set of care takers for young ones in the family.

6. Young ones learn by observing

This highlights the importance of being mindful of your actions around children. They absorb behaviours and habits by observing, emphasizing the need for positive role modelling and limiting exposure to potentially harmful habits. If you use mobile phone, they will require a mobile phone. If you read physical newspapers, they’ll read newspapers. If you read books during night time, they’ll read books. At least upto the age of 15-16, they’ll do what you do.

7. Seek help

Acknowledging the need for help when necessary is essential for the well-being of both parents. It could involve seeking advice from experienced parents, hiring a caregiver, or relying on friends and family for support. Parents should not shy away from seeking help from others. A good idea, suggestion, tip – is just a call away. Pickup your call list and start dialling.

8. Voice-activated lullabies

Using technology to play soothing lullabies with a voice-activated device provides a modern solution for calming a baby during the night. It minimizes disruptions, facilitating a quicker return to sleep for both the baby and the parents.

9. Let’s kids play outside

It’s been observed that parents now a days are not allowing their kids to play outside in an open field. Post the age of 3, parents should allow their kids to play in the open. To play with shapes, sizes, colours, different objects – this makes a person acquaint with the worldly things.

10. Medicines – innovative way – liquify and given it one shot

It’s hard for the young-one to consume medicines in solid table form. Liquifying medicines and give to your newborn in a single shot can be an innovative approach to administering medications to infants. It ensures accurate dosage and may make the process more convenient for both parents and the baby. Each of these points reflects a unique approach to parenting that integrates traditional wisdom with modern considerations, fostering a holistic and nurturing environment for the child.