Sponge Bathing Your Baby
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Sponge Bathing Your Baby

by doobidoo2022 Admin on Oct 19, 2022

Sponge bathing are the best option for your baby until the umbilical cord falls off. It is also convenient and hassle free until your baby is ready for the real water. It is also advisable to sponge them with warm water. Sponge bathing is an easier way to clean your babies. Keep them tucked in the bed and start wiping one area at a time, starting from their face so they immediately start to feel fresh. Give your baby sponge bath twice or thrice a week.

While sponge bathing sounds very convenient but here are a few things to keep handy while bathing them.

  • A small tub or a bowl of warm water depending upon your comfort
  • 2 set of towels. One to wipe them and another to dry them
  • A gentle baby soap (if needed)
  • Baby powder
  • Baby diapers
  • Thrash can to throw dirty diaper
  • Wet wipes (before sponge bathing, if needed)
  • Clean baby cotton clothes
  • Baby toy to keep your baby distracted
  • A thin blanket (Just in case your baby feels cold after a sponge bathe)

While the above is a small checklist to keep the stuff with your while sponge bathing your baby, at the same time it’s very important to keep one hand on your baby while are cleaning them, so they avoid any unpredictable movement. Also remember to be extremely gentle while cleaning your baby.